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Digital Link T1 Multiplexer Vx Encore
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Please note, this unit comes with rack ears only (as pictured). No cables or any other accessories! Unit has minor scuffs and scratches, but is fully tested & completely operational.
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Genuine Original Digital Link T1 DSU/CSU SNMP-Managed Access Multiplexer GIIUSA-74661-DE-N VX ENCORE. The VX Encore is a fully-featured, SNMP-managed access multiplexer that provides two software-selectable RS449/EIA-530 or V.35 electrical interfaces. It multiplexes DTE inputs at data rates from 56/64 Kbps up to 1.536 Mbps, with software-controlled bandwidth allocation for each data port. The optional DS1 drop-and-insert port allows channelized voice from a PBX or channel bank to share the T1 link. The VX Encore supports industry standards for T1 operation utilizing either B8ZS or AMI line coding. It also supports a mode that allows N x 64 Kbps HDLC data to be transmitted on contiguous channels over an AMI provisioned T1 link. This allows the user to maximize bandwidth utilization while still meeting the pulse density requirements for T1 and fractional T1 services. The VX Encore supports the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) with the industry standard Management Information Base (MIB II).

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Compatible Numbers: GIIUSA-74661-DE-N

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