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Dell SDR089 Dvd-Rom Odd XG372 No Bezel
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Item Code:
SDR089 0XG372 CN-0XG372
Item Condition Description:
This Optical Drive Does Not Include the Front Bezel / Face. In most instances the original bezel from the old drive can be removed and reused on a new drive.
Item Description

Dell PowerEdge PowerVault Series Philips SDR089 8X Slim IDE/ATAPI DVD-ROM Laptop Optical Drive XG372 0XG372 CN-0XG372.

Philips Model Number: SDR089
Dell Part Number: XG372 0XG372 CN-0XG372
Compatible Models:
Dell PowerEdge 1850 1850R 1950 2800 2800R 2850 2950 6800 6800R 6850 6850R 6950 7250 750 850 850R 860 SC1425 SC1425R SC1435 PowerVault NX1950 Series


  • 12.7mm Height Internal slim DVD-ROM Drive
  • Tray type
  • Supports reading to CD-ROM and DVD-ROM

  • Specifications:

    Model NumberSDR089
    Data Buffer Memory2 MB
    Read Function
    Applicable FormatDVD-ROM/Video 5, 9, 10, 18
     DVD-R 3.95/4.7G
     DVD-R Double Layer
     DVD+R 4.7G
     DVD+R Double Layer
     DVD-RW: 4.7G
     CD-ROM Mode-1
     CD-ROM XA
     Mixed Mode CD-ROM (Audio and Data Combined)
     Photo-CD (Single and Multi-session)
     CD-I, Video CD
     CD-Plus / CD-Extra, CD-Text
     Super Video CD
     CD-R disc (Conforming to Orange Book Part2)
     CD-RW disc (Conforming to Orange Book Part3)
    Drive Performance
    Rotational SpeedReadDVD-ROMSingle Layer: 4,800 rpm (3.5X ~ 8X CAV) typical
       Dual Layer: 4,000 rpm (2.6X ~ 6.2X CAV) typical
      DVD VideoCSS Title: 2,400 rpm (1.7X ~ 4.2X CAV) typical
      DVD-R4,800 rpm (3.5X ~ 8X CAV) typical
      DVD+R4,800 rpm (3.5X ~ 8X CAV) typical
      DVD-RW4,000 rpm (2.6X ~ 6.2X CAV) typical
      DVD+RW4,000 rpm (2.6X ~ 6.2X CAV) typical
      CD-ROM5,110 rpm (11.2X ~ 24X CAV) typical
      CD-R5,110 rpm (11.2X ~ 24X CAV) typical
      CD-RW5,110 rpm (11.2X ~ 24X CAV) typical
      CD-DADAE: 2,500 rpm (5.3X ~ 12.8X CAV) typical
       Analog: 2,500 rpm (5.3X ~ 12.8X CAV) typical
      CD Video2,500 rpm (5.3X ~ 12.8X CAV) typical
    Extended Specifications
    Burst Transfer Rate33.3 Mbytes/s max. (Ultra DMA Mode 2)
     16.6 Mbytes/s max. (DMA MW Mode 2)
     16.6 Mbytes/s max. (PIO Mode 4)
    Average access timeDVD-ROM <150ms
     CD-ROM <150ms
    Mounting direction
    Loading systemDrawer Type Manual Load
    PowerDC 5 +/- 5%(100 mVp-p Max, 1 KHz ~ 10 MHz)
    WeightLess than 190g
    Dimensions128 x 129 x 12.7 mm (Width, depth, height)
    Data Error RateDVD 10E-15 (hard read error)
     CD Mode-1 ECC on  10E-12 (hard read error)
     CD Mode-2 ECC off  10E-9 (soft read error)
    MTBF100,000 POH (15% duty cycle, seek and read)
    MTTRWithin 30 minutes
    Audio Output Level0.725 Vrms +/- 10%
    Environmental Conditions


    Temperature5 °C ~ 50°C (41 °F to 122 °F) (No air cooling)-40 °C ~ 65 °C (-40 °F to 149 °F)
    Humidity10% ~ 90% RH5% ~ 95% RH

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