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Dell Pv CSEH001 Tape Drive 46C2880 DNGR0
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46C2880 DNGR0
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Item Description

Genuine Original Dell PowerVault CSEH 001 Ultrium LTO-4 SAS External HH Tape Drive with SAS External Cable Assembly, Power Cable and SAS 6Gbps HBA 2 External Ports Controller Adapter 46C2880 DNGR0 W390D 0W390D CN-0W390D 827JT 0827JT CN-0827JT J53X3 0J53X3 CN-0J53X3 12DNW 012DNW CN-012DNW.

Model Number:
CSEH 001
Part Number:
Compatible Part Numbers:
SAS Cable Assembly Part Number:
W390D 0W390D CN-0W390D
Power Cable Part Number:
827JT 0827JT CN-0827JT
SAS Controller Part Number: J53X3 0J53X3 CN-0J53X3 12DNW 012DNW CN-012DNW
Compatible Models:
Dell PowerVault TL2000 TL4000



The Dell™ PowerVault™ LTO4-120 Half-Height Serial Attached SCSI Tape Drive is a high-performance, high-capacity data-storage device that is designed to perform unattended backups, restore Open Systems applications, and retrieve and archive files. The PowerVault LTO4-120 tape drive offers a formatted cartridge capacity of 800 GB (1600 GB assuming a 2:1 compression ratio) and a sustained user data transfer rate of 100 MBps (up to 200 MBps with 2:1 compression). The drive can be integrated into a system (internal model) or can be provided as a separately packaged desktop unit (external model). It secures data integrity by supporting data encryption and built-in read-after-write verification. It provides support for WORM (Write Once Read Many) using WORM media. It also incorporates TapeAlert for worry-free backup. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.

- High-performance, reliable, cost-effective data protection
- 4th generation LTO technology
- The value of security

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