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Dell Precision 7560 Video Card G48JY
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Item Code:
GDB55 LS-K622P
Part Number:
G48JY 0G48JY CN-0G48JY
Compatible Models:
Dell Precision 7560 Series
Item Description

Dell Precision 7560 Series nVidia RTX A2000 4GB GDDR6 mini-DisplayPort HDMI Laptop Graphics Video Card G48JY 0G48JY CN-0G48JY.

Video Chipset/GPU Model: nVidia RTX A2000 (QN20-P3-A1)
Graphics Memory: 4GB GDDR6 (K4Z80325BC-HC14, H56C8H24AIR S2C 132A)
Input/Output Ports: 1x mini-DisplayPort; 1x HDMI
Type: Laptop Graphics Video Card

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