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Dell PowerVault 132T Tape Drive Library
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R0093 K0245 PV132T
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The PowerVault 132T library is designed to provide optimal density in both rackmount and desktop environments while offering features and functionality only found in mid-range libraries. The library can provide over one month of unattended backup and fits in only 4U (7 inches) of rack space.

Dell Part Number: R0093 0R0093 US-0R0093
Dell Compatible Part Numbers: K0245 0K0245 US-0K0245 3Y791 03Y791 US-03Y791
Compatible Model: PowerVault 132T PV132T


Multi-function Operator PanelThe Operator Panel, located on the right above the IE slot, provides an easy to read bitmap display and a five-button keypad to permit you to monitor and control the operations of your library. The liquid crystal display (LCD) provides access to library status, commands, setup, and tools. See Front Panel Features for more information. The Operator Panel is described in more detail in Operator Panel Keypad.
 Robotic SystemThe robotic system is the media cartridge handling mechanism and responds to commands from the application software to move the cartridges between the storage slots, tape drives, and the IE slot.
PartitioningPartitioning allows your single library to be logically partitioned so it will appear to a host as if it were two independent physical libraries. Each logical library (partition) can be independently controlled as though it were two different libraries.
IE SlotThe IE slot allows you to import and export tapes to/from the interior slots and drives without unlocking the media access door. See Interior Components for more information. The IE slot may also be configured by the user to act as a data storage slot.
MagazinesRemovable cartridge magazines allow for the easy insertion and removal of tape cartridges.
System IntegrityThe cartridge storage slots, drives, and robotic system are protected by a door that is lockable by key. Your library can also be configured for password access.
Cartridge InventoryWhenever you power up your library, it will perform a physical inventory of slots.
Barcode ScannerThe barcode scanner reads barcode labels and presents label IDs to the LCD and the host without losing storage capacity.
Manual Cartridge UseIndividual cartridges can easily be transported to the library by manually opening the IE door and inserting the cartridge into the IE slot. The Operator Panel is then used to load the cartridge into another slot.
Reverse Cartridge ProtectionThe magazine and back storage slots employ a design that prevents the cartridges from being inserted incorrectly.
Built-in DiagnosticsYour library includes diagnostic firmware that tells you when drive head cleaning is required, reports diagnostic results, and drive operating status. Your library also includes real-time sensors monitoring of data locations and several types of diagnostic tests.
AutoCleanAutoClean enables the library to automatically clean the drives when cleaning is required.
Error DiagnosisYour library includes an Error Log that is accessible from the Operator Panel.
Multiple Control PathsThis feature allows your library to be controlled by more than one host system.




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