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Dell PowerVault 124T Tape Drive TV6N3
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Item Code:
PowerVault 124T
Part Number:
TV6N3 0TV6N3 SG-0TV6N3
Compatible Part Numbers:
FX413 0FX413 SG-0FX413
Item Condition Description:
Please note, this item comes with 2x rails, 2x tape magazines with 16 slots total.
Item Description

Dell PowerVault 124T SAS LTO-3 HH 400-800GB 2U 16 Slot Tape Autoloader with Rails TV6N3 0TV6N3 SG-0TV6N3.

Storage Capacity: Up to 1.2TB (VS160), 3.2TB (LTO-2-L) and 6.4TB (LTO-3)
Data Transfer Rate: 8MBps (VS160) 24MBps (LTO-2-L) and 80MBps (LTO-3)
Interface: Ultra 160 LVD SCSI
Height: 10"
Width: 24"
Length: 36"
Weight: 40 lbs
Form Factor: 2U
Type: Tape Drive
Features: Drive types: LTO-3, LTO-2-L, VS160; Interconnect Type: SCSI; Barcode reader. Mean cycles between failure (MCBF): >400,000 cycles (excluding drive); Mean time to repair (MTTR): Less than 30 minutes; Typical cycle time: <20 seconds; Initialize element status: 90 seconds (typical); Mean cartridge load time: 30 seconds

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