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Dell PowerVault 120T Tape Autoloader Dlt
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2F269 02F269 US-02F269
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The Dell™ PowerVault™ 120T DDS4 Autoloader is a high-capacity data storage cartridge changer using 4mm DAT (Digital Audio Tape) technology. The tape autoloader achieves high data reliability through read-after-write and an additional level of error correction code (ECC). The tape autoloader stores data on tape using a standard format called DDS (Digital Data Storage), DDSDC, DDS2, DDS3 and DDS4. This format is used by numerous other DDS tape drive manufacturers, providing a broad range of compatible tape drives. The tape autoloader is fully READ and WRITE compatible with the DDS4, DDS3, DDS2, DDS and DDSDC format tapes.

Dell Part Number: 2F269 02F269 US-02F269
Compatible Model: PowerVault 120T


Data capacity 160 (native) to 320 GB (typical)*
Transfer rate (sustained) ~ 2.4 (native) to 4.7 MB/sec (typical)*
8 cartridge tape magazine
Compatibility with SCSI-2 medium changer command set
80 seconds maximum to swap a tape cartridge
High reliability, with a mean failure rate of less than 1 failure in 100,000 cartridge swaps Supported formats: DDS4, DDS3, DDS2, DDS, DDSDC High burst transfer rate -14 MB/sec asynchronous / 40 MB/sec synchronous Large
10 MB buffer
5.25-inch half height
Embedded wide ultra SE/LVD SCSI interface
Supports variable or fixed record length
Supports SCSI-2 sequential-access devices command set
Read after write (RAW)Frame rewrite function
Three levels of ECCQuick search (Forward: 115 times / reverse: 155 times normal DDS4 read /write speed)


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