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Dell Pe 2950 2U Rack Server E2K-EMS01
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PowerEdge 2950
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Please note, this unit is used and has minor scuffs and scratches, but is fully operational & functions as intended! Includes 8GB (2x4GB) RAM, 2x 750W PSU, QLogic 5708, 2x 147GB HDD, CD-ROM Drive, 6x 3.5" HDD Bays, and a Dialogic PCI Card. Does not come with a front panel cover or any other accessories.
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Dell PowerEdge 2950 2x Dual-Core Intel Xeon 5130 2.00GHz 8GB (2x4GB) ECC DDR2 RAM ATI ES1000 6-Bay 2x 147GB (272GB) FUJITSU MAX3147RC Hard Drives Dialogic PCI Card CD-ROM 2x 750 Watt Redundant PSU Enterprise 2U Rack Server. In a rack-optimized 2U form factor, the Dell PowerEdge 2950 server delivers an excellent balance of outstanding performance, availability and flexibility for growing network infrastructure applications as well as web, messaging, database and file/print consolidation.

Dell Model Number:
PowerEdge 2950
Dell Part Number: E2K-EMS01


Dell’s Innovative 9th Generation PowerEdge Servers
Through innovative hardware design, software commonality and continued focus on fewer system updates, Dell’s 9th generation PowerEdge servers help reduce the complexity involved in managing data, whether you are a large enterprise or a small business. These servers are designed to a Dell-developed Behavioral Specification that defines consistent hardware layout and user interaction across all server models in this and future PowerEdge generations. Plus, a shared master system image with 1950 and 2900 enables updates to BIOS, system drivers, firmware, operating systems and applications from one easy-to-copy template for simplified software management.

Dell PowerEdge 2950 Packs Flexibility and Storage Capacity in 2U Format
The Dell PowerEdge 2950 Server offers configuration flexibility in a 2U chassis for organizations that require space-conscious internal storage capacity rather than an external storage system.

Designed to help organizations keep up with changing requirements, the server includes several embedded functions, like dual Gigabit NIC‘s and integrated SAS storage controller, which allows three available PCI Express slots. These enable flexible expansion to support a wide variety of data center workloads.

High Performance and Availability to Maximize Uptime
The Dell PowerEdge 2950 server supports up to two of the latest Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors and the Intel 5000X chipset. These latest processors provide increased performance and performance/watt. With the new capability to support six 3.5” SAS drives, the 2950 also provides enough room to stripe data onto multiple drives for high performance in demanding environments. Additionally, exceptional memory throughput and capacity is achieved with as much as 32GB of fully-buffered DIMM memory. The server includes PCI Express technology for excellent I/O throughput, and TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE) which offloads the TCP/IP processing to a dedicated processor on the embedded NIC‘s for CPU performance gains. And with features like hot plug power supplies/fans, RAID configurations with battery backed cache, and an internal tape drive option for local data backup, the Dell PowerEdge 2950 helps ensure your data is protected and accessible.

Manageability for Reduced Complexity
The Dell PowerEdge 2950 server is equipped with a Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) that includes a complete set of tools that monitors server hardware, alerts you when server faults occur and enables basic remote operations. For environments with servers located in secure data centers or in sites with no IT staff, Dell offers an optional feature for PowerEdge servers, the Dell Remote Access Controller (DRAC). Operated through a Web-based graphic user interface, DRAC can enable remote access, monitoring, troubleshooting, repair and upgrades independent of the operating system status. Common software with the same family of PowerEdge 9th generation servers further helps simplify management. Plus, the Dell Behavioral Specification means one familiar platform for less complex deployment, management and serviceability as well as lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over multiple generations of PowerEdge servers.


CPU: 2x Dual Core Intel Xeon 5130 , 4M Cache, 2.00 GHz, 1333 MHz
Graphics: ATI ES1000 16MB / 32MB
HDD/SSD Bays: 6 Bay x 3.5" + DVD/CDRW
PSU: 2 x 750W Redundant
RAM Installed: 8GB (2x 4GB) ECC DDR2
Operating System: none installed
Expansion Slots Input / USB / Front & Rear: 4x USB 2.0, 2x VGA, 1x Serial DB9
Optical Drive: CD-ROM GCR-8240N

RAID Configuration
- RAID Controller / Firmware:
PERC 5/i SAS RAID PCIe x8 2x4 256Mb / 5.2.1-0067
- RAID 0 (Disk Group 0, Volume 0): 2 x 147GB FUJITSU 15K MAX3147RC Total 272 GB


- Network Adapter # 1: Broadcom QLogic 5708 Gps Ethernet 2 Ports NIC
- Network Adapter # 2: Dialogic 4 Port SS7SPCI4Q SPCI4 SS7SPCI PCI 4 T1/E1 4 LSL BOARD PCI Card

- PowerEdge 2950
- 8GB (2x 4GB) ECC DDR2 RAM
- 2x 750W Redundant Power Supplies
- Broadcom QLogic 5708 Gps Ethernet 2 Ports NIC
- Dialogic 4 Port SS7SPCI4Q SPCI4 SS7SPCI PCI 4 T1/E1 4 LSL BOARD PCI Card
- 2 x 147GB FUJITSU 15K MAX3147RC Total 272 GB
- CD-ROM GCR-8240N
- 6 3.5" HDD Bays

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