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Dell Optiplex GX280 Motherboard Y6281
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WC765 H8164 XF950 H8367
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Item Description

Dell OptiPlex GX280 Intel Socket LGA775 Desktop Motherboard. Dell Part# Y6281 FG112 FG113 D7726 H5354 H8164 H8367 XF950 W5864 C6206 D8313 D7772 WC765 DG403 CG808 CG817 - Featuring Intel Socket LGA775. The Intel board harnesses the advanced computing power of the latest Intel Pentium 4 LGA775 processor supporting Hyper-Threading Technology.

These boards are Intel made boards for Dell, so you will see a Dell logo come up when booted. All boards are fully guaranteed and come with warranty. This board is compatible to the Dell OptiPlex GX280 system's only.
( SFF aka Small Form-Factor Computer )

Manufacturer: Intel ( OEM for Dell OptiPlex GX280 )
Dell Compatible Part#: Y6281 0Y6281 CN-0Y6281 FG112 0FG112 CN-0FG112 FG113 0FG113 CN-0FG113 D7726 0D7726 CN-0D7726 H5354 0H5354 CN-0H5354 H8164 0H8164 CN-0H8164 H8367 0H8367 CN-0H8367 XF950 0XF950 CN-0XF950 W5864 0W5864 CN-W5864 C6206 0C6206 CN-C6206 D8313 0D8313 CN-0D8313 D7772 0D7772 CN-D7772 WC765 0WC765 CN-0WC765 DG403 0DG403 CN-0DG403 CG808 0CG808 CN-0CG808 CG817 0CG817 CN-0CG817
Socket: LGA775
Expansion Slots: PCI Express x16 x 1 / PCI x 1
Other Features:
Hyper-Threading Technology Support
Connectors: (6) USB 2.0 Ports, 10/100 LAN
Peripheral Interface: (1)
Serial ATA (SATA) Interface
Other: One IDE Channel Supporting ATA-66/100/133 and One Floppy Port

Video: 1X16 PCI Express Slot and Onboard Video
Standard Sound Audio System
Supported Memory: DDR2
Maximum Memory:
Support for up to 4 GB of memory

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