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Dell Optiplex 320 Motherboard TY915
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Item Code:
TY915 UP453 MH651 CU395
Item Description

Dell Optiplex 320 Motherboard TY915. Dell Part# TY915 0TY915 UP453 0UP453 MH651 0MH651 CU395 0CU395 - Featuring Intel LGA775. The Intel board harnesses the advanced computing power of the latest Intel Pentium 4 LGA775 processor supporting Hyper-Threading Technology. This desktop board brings exciting new levels of performance and features to the desktop by combining DDR-2 memory support.


Manufacturer: Intel ( OEM for Dell Optiplex 320 )
Dell Part #:
TY915 UP453 MH651 CU395 UT237 TW969 KY237 0TY915 0UP453 0MH651 0CU395 0UT237 0TW969 0KY237 CN-0TY915 CN-0UP453 CN-0MH651 CN-0CU395 CN-0UT237 CN-0TW969 CN-0KY237
Socket: LGA775
Expansion Slots: PCI Express / 2 PCI
Other Features: Hyper-Threading Technology Support
Connectors: (4) USB Ports, Network LAN
Video: Onboard
Audio: Onboard
Supported Memory: DDR2
Maximum Memory: Two Memory slots offering up to 4GB


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