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Dell Latitude C610 Motherboard 4W406
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Item Code:
Part Number:
4W406 04W406 CN-04W406
Compatible Part Numbers:
4M984 04M984 CN-04M984 7U256 07U256 CN-07U256 4P515 04P515 CN-04P515 4D845 04D845 CN-04D845 4P518 04P518 CN-04P518 2K072 02K072 CN-02K072 7D485 07D485 CN-07D485 4W407 04W407 CN-04W407
Compatible Models:
Dell Latitude C510 C610 Inspiron 4100 Series
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Item Description

Dell Latitude C510 C610 Inspiron 4100 Series Intel Socket 370 Laptop Motherboard 4W406 04W406 CN-04W406.

Socket: Intel Socket 370
Number of Memory Slots: 2
Memory Type: PC133 SDRAM
Audio: Crystal CS4205
Type: Laptop Motherboard

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