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Dell Kace M300 Management Appliance Q01A
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CN-0F2CYK CN-07298W
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Please Note, This Unit Comes With Power Adapter, Power Cord, Ethernet Cable, and Manual. New Retail Box.
Item Description

Dell KACE M300 Asset Management Appliance Q01A F2CYK 0F2CYK CN-0F2CYK 7298W 07298W CN-07298W. The affordable Dell KACE M300 Asset Management Appliance can help save you time and money through hands off management of PC hardware and software across your small-business network.

Model: KACE M300
Model Number:
Dell Part Number:
Compatible Part Numbers:
7298W 07298W CN-07298W


  • Save time: Reduce the time you spend locating systems and determining configurations.
  • Save money: Identify software licenses that aren’t in use and renew only those you need.
  • Improve IT services and security: Simplify troubleshooting and enforce uniform configuration policies.


    Powerful, affordable and simple
    Bridge the gap between “barebones” and “enterprise-class” asset management solutions with the Dell KACE™ M300—the appliance designed specifically for small business.

    • Simplified deployment
      Once the Dell KACE M300 is deployed, it begins to work immediately. It can quickly reduce the strain on IT resources and help maximize use of existing hardware resources.
    • Simplified tracking
      The compact Dell KACE M300 continuously tracks all assets across your network. Say goodbye to manual tracking of hardware inventory and software licenses.
    • Simplified software license compliance
      Maintain the integrity of your network through dynamic software monitoring, while helping to avoid the potential fines that could arise from a software audit.

    Take the pain out of hardware management.
    The Dell KACE M300 Asset Management Appliance streamlines hardware management duties and brings new efficiencies to your IT team.

    Typically, manual management has been a tedious and time-consuming process. It involved a great deal of interaction with the hardware itself, which required a trip to each desk in a facility, interrupting someone else’s work. And manual tracking methods, such as spreadsheets, were susceptible to errors.

    Now you can have an accurate, centralized view of your PC hardware assets through the M300’s web-based dashboard. And you can rely on its inventory assessment capabilities to optimize many processes:

    • Take an instant inventory of all PCs and servers connected to your network
    • Track down rogue devices.
    • Identify unused or underutilized equipment to help fully utilize your PC inventory and prevent unnecessary purchases.

    Maintain software compliance and consistency.

    The Dell KACE M300 Appliance can help minimize the software variances from system to system and enable fast, easy software management.

    Software management typically presents a real challenge to IT personnel. End users frequently download software programs or add-ons that can cause system slow-downs, clog your network or, in some cases, compromise your operations and security.

    Through an intuitive, web-based dashboard, the Dell KACE M300 Appliance can quickly and easily help you:
    • Track and inventory all software on each system by version.
    • Inventory operating systems and applications.
    • Inventory systems that aren’t configured to standards.
    • Reconcile installed software with software license ownership.

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