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Dell Inspiron 13 15 17 I/O Board Y7TGP
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Item Code:
Part Number:
Compatible Part Numbers:
3GX53 03GX53 CN-03GX53 1379X 01379X CN-01379X
Compatible Models:
Dell Inspiron 13 5368 5378 5379 7368 7375 7378 (I7378-0028GRY I7378-7571GR); 15 5568 7569 7579; 17 7773 7778 7779 (I7779-1684GRY); Latitude 3390 Series
Item Condition Description:
Please note, this item comes with a Cable and Power Button Board!
Item Description

Dell Inspiron 13 5368 5378 5379 7368 7375 7378 15 5568 7569 7579 17 7773 7778 7779 Latitude 3390 Series USB Card Reader I/O Board with Cable and Power Button Board Y7TGP 0Y7TGP CN-0Y7TGP.

Input/Output Ports: 1x USB; 1x Card Reader
Type: I/O Board
Features: CHWGY 0CHWGY CN-0CHWGY 450.07R04.0001 450.07R04.0011 3F2F4 03F2F4 CN-03F2F4 450.07Y04.0001 450.07Y04.0011 450.07Y04.0021 450.07Y04.0022 C35FK 0C35FK CN-0C35FK 450.08505.0011; Power Button Board P/N: 85GTT 085GTT CN-085GTT 450.07Y03.0001 450.07Y03.0002 450.07Y03.0011 3G1X1 03G1X1 CN-03G1X1 450.07R0A.0002 450.07R0A.0011 450.07R0A.0012 450.07R0A.0021 450.07R0A.0022

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