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Dell Dvd/Rw Optical Drive W/O Faceplate
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UJ890 PIK-UJ890 P21WX
Item Description

Dell Inspiron and Vostro Laptop Notebook Slim DVD±R/RW Optical Drive W/O Front Bezel UJ890 P21WX. This drive reads CD and DVD media and writes to CD and DVD media. Dell meets the current and future demands of high-performance, power embedded computing, making it ideal for communications, transaction terminal, interactive client, industrial automation applications, as well as for standard home use.

Dell Part Numbers:
P21WX 0P21WX CN-0P21WX
Panasonic Part Number: UJ890 PIK-UJ890
Compatible Systems:
Inspiron 1470
Inspiron 1545
Inspiron 1570
Inspiron 1750
Inspiron 2500
Inspiron Desktop 300(Zino)
Inspiron Desktop 400(Zino HD)
Inspiron Desktop Inspiron One 19
Inspiron INSP1440
Inspiron Inspiron 1410
Inspiron Inspiron 1427
Vostro Desktop Vostro 320
Vostro Notebook 1014
Vostro Notebook 1220
Vostro Notebook 1320
Vostro Notebook 1520
Vostro Notebook 1720
Vostro Notebook A840
Vostro Notebook A860
Vostro Notebook Vostro 1015
Vostro Notebook Vostro 1088

* This Optical Drive Does Not Include the Front Bezel / Face. In most instances the original bezel from the old drive can be removed and reused on a new drive.

  • 12.7mm internal slim DVD±R/RW Drive
  • Tray loading type
  • Serial ATA Interface (SATA) model
  • Supports reading and writing to CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW
  • Supports reading to CD-ROM and DVD-ROM


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