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Dell Dimensionc LGA775 M3918 Motherboard
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Item Code:
M3918 D915 D915GOK
Item Description

The Intel Desktop Board D915 D915GOK Chipset LGA775. The Intel board harnesses the advanced computing power of the latest Intel Pentium 4 LGA775 processor supporting Hyper-Threading Technology. Designed for the Intel® D915 chipset, the Desktop Board brings exciting new levels of performance and features to the desktop by combining support for an 800MHz system bus with DDR-2 memory support and featuring Intel Technology. Because the Desktop Board includes the latest technologies and high-quality integrated components, system builders can realize significant cost savings without sacrificing performance. The features of this new board support an optimal user experience in a broad range of usage models for today’s computer enthusiasts.

These boards are Intel made boards for Dell, so you will see a Dell logo come up when booted. All boards are fully guaranteed and come with warranty. Dell part number is M3918 DH682 . This board is compatible to the Dell Dimension 4700 desktop system's as well as all standard cases with PIV ATX power supply's.

Gaming: Exceptional gaming experience with DDR-2 memory support, digital sound, 800FSB performance capability, stereo microphone input for Voice over IP (VoIP), and up to six USB ports for the latest high-speed external peripherals.

Digital music and video: Enhance music and movies with onboard sound.

Digital photography: Download photos quickly with USB and save them quickly using SATA, the latest in hard drive technology.

Manufacturer: Intel (OEM for Dell)
Dell Part#: M3918 DH682
Dimension 4700
Chipset: Intel D915 D915GOK 915G Express
Socket: LGA775
Front Side Bus Speed: 800Mhz FSB
Supported CPUs: Intel Pentium
4 processor 520, 530, 540, 550, 560, or 570 with HT Technology - Intel P4 that runs at 2.8, 3.0, 3.2, 3.4, 3.6, and 3.8 GHz
Other Features:
Hyper-Threading Technology Support
Supported Memory:
400-MHz (PC-3200) and 533-MHz (PC-4300) DDR2 unbuffered SDRAM non-ECC
Maximum Memory:
Support for up to 4 GB of memory
Integrated and PCI Express 1X and 16X
Five connectors for line-in, line-out, microphone, surround, and center/Low Frequency Effects (LFE) channel; one front-panel connector for headphones

Expansion Slots: 2 PCI
Connectors: PS/2 Mouse, PS/2 Keyboard, Printer Port, (6) USB 2.0 Ports, 1 Serial Port, 10/100 Network LAN
Peripheral Interface: Two
Serial ATA (SATA) Interface
Other: Two IDE Channels Supporting ATA-66/100/133 IDE, One Floppy Controller

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