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Dell D9205 U320 Scsi Raid Controller
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D9205 0D9205 TH-0D9205
Item Description

Dell D9205 0D9205 Perc4/DC U320 SCSI 128MB PCI-X RAID Controller Card.

Dell Part Numbers: D9205 0D9205 SG-0D9205



Compatible Models: Dell PowerEdge 1650 Poweredge 1750 (400Mhz FSB) Poweredge 1750 (533Mhz FSB) PowerEdge 1800 PowerEdge 1850 PowerEdge 2500 Poweredge 2600 (400Mhz FSB) Poweredge 2600 (533Mhz FSB) Poweredge 2650 (400MHz FSB Poweredge 2650 (533MHz FSB) PowerEdge 2800 PowerEdge 2850 PowerEdge 3250 PowerEdge 4400 PowerEdge 4600 PowerEdge 6400 PowerEdge 6450 PowerEdge 650 PowerEdge 6600 PowerEdge 6650 PowerEdge 6800 PowerEdge 6850 Poweredge 7250 PowerEdge 750 PowerEdge 800 PowerEdge 8450 PowerVault 745N PowerVault 770N PowerVault 775N

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