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Dell 20GB Tape Backup Drive 8MB Buffer
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0W9070 STT2401A 042101
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The Dell W9070 extend the Seagate family of one-inch high Travan drives that feature high performance, high reliability, and quiet operation. The drives transfer data at up to 120 megabytes per minute (Mbytes/min) without compression. With optimal system resources and compressible data structures, nominal transfer rates of up to 240 Mbytes per minute can be obtained using software data compression (assuming a 2:1 compression ratio). The compression ratio is dependent on the specific system and the nature of the files being compressed. These drives are internal devices, providing affordable storage in either 3.5-inch or half-high 5.25-inch (STT2401A) form factors, for easy installation in today's computers.

Dell Part Numbers: W9070 0W9070 CN-0W9070
Seagate Part Number: STT2401A



Automated cartridge loading - When a cartridge is inserted into the drive, it is automatically drawn into the drive mechanism. The cartridge is fully loaded within the drive and does not extend beyond the front of the bezel during operation. Pressing the Eject button causes the drive to unload the cartridge until it extends out about one inch beyond the bezel.

Backward read compatible with Industry Standard QIC-3220-MC Travan 5 Data Format

Selectable sustained data transfer rate of 2.0 Mbytes per second (compressed) or 1.22 Mbytes per second (native), to support various host systems

Auto Throttle™ tape speed adjusts to sustain streaming operation with the Host transfer rates.

ATAPI interface

Servo-burst-controlled high-resolution head positioning system

Available in 5.25-inch half-height form factors

Data integrity of less than 1 hard read error in 10 bits, with automatic retry algorithm

8-Mbyte data buffer

High-speed, 110 inch-per-second tape rewind

EEPROM containing non-volatile option settings and diagnostic results


Performance specifications:

Capacity - 20.0 Gbytes—Travan 40 cartridge (native) (40.0 Gbytes, assuming 2:1 compression)

Sustained backup rate up to 120 Mbytes per minute native; up to 240 Mbytes per minute with 2:1 compression

Read/Write - 92 inches per second (56 inches per second throttle-down speed)

Fast Forward/Rewind - 110 inches per second

Load time   - 2 seconds (mechanical load)

                 - 18 seconds to READY (from Beginning of Tape)

Unload time - 2 seconds (mechanical unload)

                  -10 seconds (plus rewind time to Beginning of Tape)

Recording Specifications:

Recording method - Serpentine

Recording format - Travan 640

Recording code - VRR

Head configuration - Wide write/narrow read

Recording media - 1650-Oe 750' Travan 40 or 40 Gbytes (20 Gbytes native)

Cartridge size - 3.2 in. × 2.4 in. × 0.4 in. (81 mm × 61 mm)

Data density - 192,000 bits per inch

Tracks - 108 data tracks, one (1) directory track







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