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Dell 17"-24" Monitor Stand Assy 1M5Y2
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Item Code:
Part Number:
1M5Y2 01M5Y2 CN-01M5Y2
Compatible Part Numbers:
GG217 0GG217 CN-0GG217
Compatible Models:
Dell Latitude (E4200 E4300 E4310 E5400 E5410 E5420 E5430 E5500 E5510 E5520 E5530 E6220 E6230 E6320 E6330 E6400 E6410 E6420 E6430 E6430s E6440 E6500 E6510 E6520 E6540 E7240 E7440 XT3); Precision (M2400 M4400 M4500 M4600 M4700 M6400 M6500 M6600 M6700) Series
Item Description

Dell Latitude Precision Series 17"-24" Flat Panel Monitor Stand with VESA Mounting Kit 1M5Y2 01M5Y2 CN-01M5Y2.

Screen Size: 17"-24"
VESA Mounting Compatibility: 100x100 mm
Type: Flat Panel Monitor Stand

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