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Dell 1000R Hv 1000W 230V Ups Assy J718N
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Item Code:
1000R HV 0J718N CN-0J718N
Item Condition Description:
Please Note, this unit comes with Face Plate, Side Rails, USB Cable, Power Cord, Plugs and User Manual! No other accessories included!
Item Description

Dell 1000R HV 1000W 230V 1000va 2U Line-Interactive Rack UPS Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply J718N 0J718N CN-0J718N. The Dell Line-Interactive Rack UPS uninterruptible power system (UPS) protects your sensitive electronic equipment from basic power problems such as power failures, power sags, power surges, brownouts, and line noise.

Model Number: 1000R HV
Dell Part Number:
J718N 0J718N CN-0J718N

- Rail Kit type B5 (J9Y4P)
- USB cable
- 3X Power cord extensions (T736H)
- Plugs
- Front Bezel Panel
- User manual


- Buck and Boost voltage regulation that ensures regulated voltage to your load by correcting voltage fluctuations.
- Start-on-battery capability for powering up the UPS even if utility power is not available.
- Maintenance is simplified by allowing the safe replacement of batteries without powering down the UPS.
- Emergency shutdown control through the Remote Emergency Power-off (REPO) ports.
- Two standard communication ports (USB and DB-9 serial port).
- Optional Dell Network Management Card with enhanced communication capabilities for increased power protection and control.
- Advanced power management with the Dell UPS Management Software for graceful shutdowns and power monitoring.
- Sequential shutdown and load management through separate receptacle groups called load segments.
- Firmware that is easily upgradable without a service call.
- Backed by worldwide agency approvals.


Electrical Input:
- Nominal Voltage: 230V
- Voltage Range: 160–286V auto-sensing
- Nominal Frequency: 50/60 Hz auto-sensing, ±3 Hz
- Efficiency (Normal mode): >95%
- Noise Filtering: Full-time EMI/RFI filtering
- Connections: IEC 320-C14 input connector, 10A
Electrical Output:
- Power Levels (rated at nominal inputs): 1000W
- Regulation (Normal mode): 208–253V
- Voltage Waveform: Sine wave
- Output Receptacles: (4) IEC 320-C13, 15/10A; (2) IEC 320-C13, 15/10A
- Configuration:  (3) 12V, 9 Ah internal batteries (no EBM)
- Voltage:  36 Vdc internal (no EBM)
- Fuses: 30A fuse
- Type: Sealed, maintenance-free, valve-regulated, lead-acid
- Charging: Approximately 4 hours to 90% usable capacity at nominal line and no supplementary power supply load
- Monitoring: Advanced monitoring for earlier failure detection and warning
- Battery Runtimes: 5 minutes at full load/14 minutes at half load


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