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Dell 1000R Hv 1000W 230V Rack Ups J718N
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1000R Hv 0J718N CN-0J718N
Item Condition Description:
Please Note, this unit comes with Face Plate and Side Rails only! No cables or any other accessories!
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Item Description

Dell 1000R HV 1000W 230V 1000va 2U Line-Interactive Rack UPS Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply J718N 0J718N CN-0J718N. The Dell Line-Interactive Rack UPS uninterruptible power system (UPS) protects your sensitive electronic equipment from basic power problems such as power failures, power sags, power surges, brownouts, and line noise.

Model Number: 1000R HV
Dell Part Number:
J718N 0J718N CN-0J718N


- Buck and Boost voltage regulation that ensures regulated voltage to your load by correcting voltage fluctuations.
- Start-on-battery capability for powering up the UPS even if utility power is not available.
- Maintenance is simplified by allowing the safe replacement of batteries without powering down the UPS.
- Emergency shutdown control through the Remote Emergency Power-off (REPO) ports.
- Two standard communication ports (USB and DB-9 serial port).
- Optional Dell Network Management Card with enhanced communication capabilities for increased power protection and control.
- Advanced power management with the Dell UPS Management Software for graceful shutdowns and power monitoring.
- Sequential shutdown and load management through separate receptacle groups called load segments.
- Firmware that is easily upgradable without a service call.
- Backed by worldwide agency approvals.


Electrical Input:
- Nominal Voltage: 230V
- Voltage Range: 160–286V auto-sensing
- Nominal Frequency: 50/60 Hz auto-sensing, ±3 Hz
- Efficiency (Normal mode): >95%
- Noise Filtering: Full-time EMI/RFI filtering
- Connections: IEC 320-C14 input connector, 10A
Electrical Output:
- Power Levels (rated at nominal inputs): 1000W
- Regulation (Normal mode): 208–253V
- Voltage Waveform: Sine wave
- Output Receptacles: (4) IEC 320-C13, 15/10A; (2) IEC 320-C13, 15/10A
- Configuration:  (3) 12V, 9 Ah internal batteries (no EBM)
- Voltage:  36 Vdc internal (no EBM)
- Fuses: 30A fuse
- Type: Sealed, maintenance-free, valve-regulated, lead-acid
- Charging: Approximately 4 hours to 90% usable capacity at nominal line and no supplementary power supply load
- Monitoring: Advanced monitoring for earlier failure detection and warning
- Battery Runtimes: 5 minutes at full load/14 minutes at half load


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