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DelcoRemy Mack 39MT Starter 61003774
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Item Code:
39MT 22398213 61003774
Item Description

DelcoRemy Mack 39MT 12V Starter Motor 22398213 61003774.

Part Number: 22398213 61003774
Compatible Models:
- Volvo Engins
- Mack Engins: 11L 13L 16L

Features & Benefits:

- New service models come standard with Over Crank Protection (OCP). OCP monitors the internal temperature and prevents thermal damage to the starter by preventing overcranking
- These models feature an Integral Magnetic Switch (IMS). IMS reduces voltage drop and ensures the solenoid receives the maximum available voltage in any starting condition
- Rotatable flange models were designed specifically to improve service flexibility and part number consolidation. They easily replace competitive units and provide full industry application coverage



Model: 39MT
System Voltage: 12V
Mounting Type: SAE 1
- 12V at 7.3kW
- 24V at 9.0kW
Pinion Teeth: 11
Pinion Pitch: 8/10
Solenoid Position: 243
Rotation: Clockwise
Polarity: Insulated
Battery Cold Cranking Amperes (CCA):
- 12V - 2500 CCA
- 24V - 1250 CCA
Engine Size:
- 12V up to 16 liters
- 24V up to 16 liters
Diameter: 114mm/4.5in
Heavy Duty Drive:
- Electrical SoftStart
- Engagement System
- Overrunning Clutch




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