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Citrix MPX11500 Load Balancer 3003244-E7
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MPX 11500
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Please note, this item comes with a Power Supplies, Solid State Drive, Hard Disk Drive, Transceiver Modules, 4 Post Appliance Rack Set, Power Cords, Cables and Adapters, Manuals! Does not include any software or drivers!
Item Description

Citrix NetScaler MPX 11500 Enterprise Edition Load Balancing Device with 2x Power Supplies 1x SSD 1x HDD 4x Transceiver Modules 1x 4 Post Appliance Rack Set 2x Power Cords Cables and Adapters 3003244-E7.

Network/Communications: 10 Gbit Ethernet
Input/Output Ports: 1x10/100Base-T copper Ethernet Port (RJ-45, LOM-Port); 1x RS-232 Serial Console Port; 2x 10/100/1000Base-T copper Ethernet management ports (RJ-45); 8x 1G SFP ports; 4x 10G SFP+ ports; 1x USB Port
Form Factor: 2U
Type: Network Load Balancer
Features: 2x Power Supplies: Brand EMACS; Model: G1W-3960; P/N: B013680011; 1x Samsung SSD 850 Pro 256Gb Model: MZ-7KE256 P/N: MZ7KE256; 1x Hard Drive Seagate 1TB 3.5" SATA Model: ST1000NM0033 P/N: 9ZM173-004; 2x Transceiver Modules Citrix 10G/1G Dual Mode SR Model: FTLX8571D3BCVCTX; 2x Transceiver Modules Citrix 1000BASE-T Copper Model: FCLF-8521-3CTX; 1x Adapter Serial Cable RJ-45 to DB9 P/N: 808-00001-01; 1x Cable Netscaler 12000 RJ-45 Serial Module P/N: 807-00001-00; 2x Power Cords; 1x 28-38 inch 4 Post Appliance Rack Set P/N: 8530007 (2x Rails P/N: TTS-UAR-1001-00-REV10; 2x Rails P/N: TTS-UAR-1002-00-REV10; 2x Rails P/N: TTS-UAR-1007-00; Screws; Washers)

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