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Cisco 3660 Network Board 800-05293-03
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Please note, this item is used and has minor scuffs and scratches, but is fully tested & completely operational. This unit does not come with any cables or accessories!
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Genuine Original Cisco 3660 Modular Enterprise Router Network Motherboard CISCO3660-MB-1FE 800-05293-03. The Cisco 3600 series includes the Cisco 3660 multi-service platform. As modular solutions the Cisco 3660 has the flexibility to meet both current and future connectivity requirements. The Cisco 3660 has 2 internal Advanced Integration Module (AIM) slots for applications such as hardware accelerated compression and the chassis incorporates 1 or optionally 2 integrated 10/10(Ethernet/Fast Ethernet) ports.

Model Number: CISCO3660-MB-1FE
Part Number:


Supported network interfacesEthernet
Fast Ethernet
Token Ring
Synchronous serial
High Speed Serial Interface
ISDN BRI (ST and U interfaces)
Channelized T1/ISDN PRI (with and without CSU)
Channelized E1/ISDN PRI (balanced and unbalanced)
Digital Modems
Analog Modems
ATM 25 Mbps
Multiport T1/E1 ATM with IMA (Inverse Multiplexing over ATM)
Flash Memory8 MB of Flash in the enterprise models (3661-AC, 3661-DC, 3662-AC, 3662-DC) and 16 MB in the telco models (3662-AC-CO, 3662-DC-CO) upgradable to 64 MB
Processor type225 MHz RISC QED RM5271
Standard components2 PCMCIA slots
High-speed console and auxiliary ports
Rack- and wall-mount kit
Power supply and cord
Console Cable
Input Voltage, AC100 to 240 VAC, autoranging
Input Voltage, DC38 to 72 VDC
Current, AC2.0A
Current, DC8.0A
Frequency50 to 60 Hz
Max. power dissipation250W
Dimensions (H x W x D)8.7 x 17.5 x 11.8 in. (22.1 x 44.5 x 30 cm)

  • The analog voice/fax network module slide into Cisco 3600 chassis slots and contain either one or two voice interface card (VIC) slots. The VICs currently available are two-port foreign exchange station (FXS), foreign exchange office (FXO), E&M 2-wire and 4-wire interfaces and a basic rate interface (BRI). The voice modules support all major industry codecs including G.711, G.723, G.726, G.728, G.729 and G.729a/b for customized solutions and to meet the need for high voice quality and bandwidth efficiency
  • The Cisco 3660 supports 2 internal AIM slots. The Data Compression Advanced Integration Module (AIM) for the Cisco 3660 Series delivers a cost-effective option for reducing recurring wide-area network (WAN) costs and maximizing the benefit of the advanced bandwidth management features of Cisco IOS. The Data Compression AIM takes advantage of either of the two available Cisco 3660 internal AIM slots, ensuring that external slots remain available for components such as integrated analog voice/fax, digital voice/fax, ATM, channel service unit/digital service units (CSU/DSUs), analog and digital modems.

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