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Cabletron 27-Port Switch ELS10-27MDU
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Please note, this item is used and has minor scuffs and scratches, but is fully tested & completely operational. This unit does not come with cables or any other accessories!
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Genuine Cabletron System 27-Port Smart Stack Access Network Switch ELS10-27MDU. The ELS10-27MDU is a 24-port 10BASE-T Switch with three Fast Ethernet ports. All Fast Ethernet ports are fixed RJ45 ports. Two optional EPIM-100FX modules support 100BASE-FX via Multimode fiber, and when installed these become the operational ports 26 and 27, instead of the fixed RJ45 ports 26 and 27. A maximum of 27 operational ports is supported. The ELS10-27MDU provides unique firmware designed for product installation in a multi dwelling unit, in which security and restriction of data traffic between user ports are the primary considerations. This is accomplished by using special VLAN configuration features of the switch.  The default configuration of the ELS10-27MDU is designed to limit traffic between the ports for purposes of security. This configuration may be modified as needed. There are 24 10BASE-T ports (user ports), and 3 Fast Ethernet ports (ports 25, 26 and 27). Port 27 is the uplink port, and Ports 25and 26 are downlink ports. The downlink ports pass traffic only to an up link port, and similarly the uplink port passes traffic only to a down link port (or to the user ports on that switch) when multiple ELS10-27MDUswitches are cascaded. The uplink port at the highest level in a cascaded configuration of switches would typically be connected to a router with a connection to the Internet.

Model Number: ELS10-27MDU



Configuring the ELS10-27MDU The ELS10-27MDU may be managed by the Local Console or over the uplink port (port 27). If using the uplink port, an IP address is required. In the default configuration, port 27 is in the 0x01C VLAN.
VLANs on the ELS10-27MDU IEEE 802.1Q is a standard for virtual bridged local area networks (VLANs). It provides an alternate method for forwarding packets through switch. In an 802.1D (Spanning Tree) bridge, packets are forwarded in accordance with the spanning tree as dynamically created by the 802.1Dprotocol Bridge Protocol Data Units (BPDUs), and the spanning tree state of each port. In 802.1Q, in addition to spanning tree, packets are forwarded in accordance with a VLAN tag that is embedded in the packet, and the set of ports registered for that VLAN. A set of rules is used for ingress (receipt), forwarding, and egress (transmit).
Configuring VLAN The ELS10-27MDU is pre-configured when shipped. Each of the 10Mbpsports is a separate VLAN with only the CPU and the 100Mbps uplink port as members of this VLAN. This provides for maximum security in a Multiple Dwelling Unit environment. The VLAN configuration may be changed, however, to suit different needs.
Database Requirements The ELS10-27MDU supports a maximum of 2,048 possible data base entries. Under the default configuration, 559 of these entries are used by the system, leaving 1,489 entries available for learning. With the first conversation requiring 29 database entries, and each additional conversation requiring 2 entries, a maximum of 730 conversations can take place simultaneously without flooding. This becomes important as multiple ELS10-27MDU switches are cascaded.

Non-Supported Features
The specialized firmware of the ELS10-27MDU has been designed for use in a secure multi-dwelling unit environment, for which certain features of the ELS10-27TX are not desired. The latest ELS10-27MDU release notes should be reviewed to determine if any functionality support has changed or is not supported.









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