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Asus A555 Heatsink Fan Assy 13N0-S8A0102
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Compatible Part Numbers:
13NB09B1AM0101 13NB09B1AM0102
Compatible Models:
Asus A555 (A555BP A555DA A555LB A555LD A555LF A555LI A555LJ A555LN A555LNB A555LP A555LPB A555QA A555UB A555UF A555UJ A555UQ A555YA); DX992 (DX992DA DX992LB DX992LD DX992LI DX992LJ DX992LN DX992LNB DX992LP DX992LPB DX992UB DX992UF DX992UJ DX992YI); F554 (F554DA F554LB F554LD F554LF F554LI F554LJ F554LN F554LNB F554LP F554LPB F554UB F554UF F554UJ F554UQ F554YA); F555 (F555BA F555BP F555DA F555LB F555LD F555LF F555LI F555LJ F555LN F555LNB F555LP F555LPB F555QA F555UB F555UF F555UJ F555UQ F555YA F555YI); K555 (K555BA K555BP K555DA K555LB K555LD K555LF K555LI K555LJ K555LN K555LNB K555LP K555LPB K555QA K555UB K555UF K555UJ K555UQ K555YA K555YI); R511 (R511DA R511LB R511LD R511LF R511LI R511LJ R511LN R511LNB R511LP R511LPB R511UB R511UF R511UJ R511UQ R511YA R511YI); R556 (R556BA R556BP R556DA R556LB R556LD R556LF R556LI R556LJ R556LN R556LNB R556LP R556LPB R556QA R556UB R556UF R556UJ R556UQ R556YA R556YI); R557 (R557DA R557LD R557LI R557LJ R557LN R557LNB R557LP R557LPB R557UF R557UJ R557UQ R557YI); X554 (X554BA X554DA X554LB X554LD X554LF X554LI X554LJ X554LN X554LNB X554LP X554LPB X554QA X554UB X554UF X554UJ X554UQ X554YA X554YI); X555 (X555BA X555BP X555DA X555LB X555LD X555LF X555LI X555LJ X555LN X555LNB X555LP X555LPB X555QA X555UB X555UF X555UJ X555UQ X555YA X555YI) Series
Item Description

Asus A555 DX992 F554 F555 K555 R511 R556 R557 X554 X555 Series Laptop Thermal CPU Cooling Heatsink Fan Assembly 13N0-S8A0102.

Type: Heatsink Fan Assembly
Features: Fan P/N: KSB0605HBA03

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