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Ascend Interface Module Card Tnt-Sl-Sdsl
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0800-0446-001 TNT-SL-SDSL
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Please note, this item is used and has minor scuffs and scratches, but is fully tested & completely operational. Unit only! No cables or any other accessories.
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Genuine Original Ascend Communications SDSL 16-Port Line Interface Card for MAX TNT TNT-SL-SDSL16 0800-0446-001. Ascend’s MultiDSL is a family of DSL products that include both the Central Office Equipment (COE) and Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) required for a wide range of DSL technologies including IDSL, SDSL, ADSL-CAP and ADSL-DMT. All of these DSL technologies utilize the existing pair of wires between the Central Office (CO) and the residences/businesses. The MultiDSL products for COs permit carriers to launch high-speed access services from 128 Kbps to 6 Mbps. The COE consists of DSL line cards for the MAX 4000 and MAX TNT™ family of products. The DSLPipe family offers CPE products for the various
DSL technologies.

Model Number: TNT-SL-SDSL16
Part Number:



Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)SDSL: Symmetric, or Single line high-speed DSL (SDSL), also uses 2B1Q line code that provides 768 Kbps full duplex throughput or one-half the T1 rate over a single pair of wire. The loop driving distance for SDSL is 10,000 feet. The symmetric data rate is ideal for small businesses, especially if they host a web site.
CENTRAL OFFICE EQUIPMENT (COE)SDSL line card for MAX TNT The SDSL line card for MAX TNT supports 16 ports per card and occupies one slot. The MAX TNT may support up to 14 cards for a total of 224 SDSL ports. Each SDSL port supports a 768 Kbps digital connection to subscribers’ SDSL CPE equipment such as Ascend’s DSLPipe-S (SDSL).
ApplicationsSDSL Line cards can be installed in the MAX TNT at the CO to support up to 224 SDSL ports. In this application, end users can connect their Ascend’s DSLPipe-S units to the carrier’s network. The connection speed is 768 Kbps over a twisted pair for a distance of up to 10,000 feet. The MAX TNT is a multiservice platform that lets carriers and service providers offer analog, ISDN, IDSL, SDSL and ADSL services using a single unit.
Software Product FunctionSince the DSL line cards affect only the physical layer, all functionality that is normally available on the MAX 4000 and the MAX TNT is still available with the DSL line cards installed. As a result, carriers and service providers can offer multiple services using these platforms. PPP and Frame Relay are among the most common protocols used today for Internet/intranet access as well as for remote office connectivity.
Now, with the DSL high-speed access services, the same protocols may be used to ensure minimal changes and upgrades at the carrier network and at the end user site.





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