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Apc Syxrcc Tower and 4 Battery Frame
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Please note, this item does not come with APC SYXRCC Symmetra Extended Run Communications Card!
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APC SYXRCC Main Power Array Symmetra UPS Tower with XR 4-Battery Frame 208/240V SYXR4-BM.

The Symmetra is a high-performance, uninterruptible power “array” system, designed for large-scale loads. It provides conditioned, reliable AC power to load equipment, and provides protection from power blackouts, swells, sags, surges and interference. The Symmetra Power Array system is comprised of either a MiniFrame, or a MasterFrame, and a variable set of modules. A MiniFrame system can be configured to deliver a maximum output of 8kVA, and a MasterFrame system, a maximum of 16kVA.


1x SYXR4-BM 4 Slot Battery Frame

1x 0W874 Battery Frame Power Cord

1x SYCC Symmetra Communitcations Card

1x AP9606 Web/SNMP Management Card

1x SYMINIF-PD Power Supply

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