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Apc Smart-UPS 4200R 4U Rear Panel Assy
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APC Smart-UPS 4200R 230V 4U
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Please Note! This Item For Hardwired 230V Model 4200R OL HV-US Online Rack UPS 4200W 4U 4200VA.
Item Description

APC Smart-UPS 4200R 230V 4U Series Rear Panel Assembly with Receptacles and Cables.

Input/Output Ports: 6x IEC 320-C13 10A for IEC, 15A for UL; 4x IEC 320-C19, 16A for IEC, 20A for UL; 2x REPO ports; 1x USB B; 1x RS-232
Type: UPS Rear Panel

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