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Ami Megaraid 493 Elite 1600 Dual Channel
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493 Elite
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AMI Megaraid 493 Elite 1600 Dual Channel U160 Raid. The LSI Megaraid Elite 1600 (MegaRAID 493) half-size controller employs the latest 64-Bit 66 MHz PCI SCSI RAID technology using the Intel i960RN I/O processor. With two Ultra160 SCSI channels, the controller offers ISPs, workgroups and departmental server environments unequaled performance and reliability.


IA-64 ready
960RN I/O processor, two Ultra160 SCSI channels
64-bit, 66 MHz PCI, PCI 2.2 compliant
Up to 128 MB ECC SDRAM cache memory supported
Standard NT clustering support
Advanced management and configuration utilities
Auto resume during array rebuild or reconstruction
FlexRAID Online capacity expansion and online RAID level migration


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