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Amd Radeon R5 330 2GB Video Card
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Item Code:
Radeon R5 330 806650-001
Item Description

HP Pavilion 550 Series AMD Radeon R5 330 2GB DDR3 Headless PCI-Express 3.0 x8 Graphics Video Card 806650-001.

AMD GPU Model Number:
Radeon R5 330
HP Model Name: Aries-V1 FH
HP Part Number: 806650-001


GPU Memory: 2GB
Memory Type: DDR3
Output: Headless (no IO ports)
BUS Interface: PCI-Express 3.0 x8

Compatible Models:

HP 251 Series:
251-015a 251-016cn 251-024cn 251-030xt 251-032cn 251-108a 251-112cn 251-113a 251-116cn 251-119cn 251-130xt 251-211cn 251-212cn 251-221cn
HP 460 Series: 460-p001nf 460-p002nf 460-p002nx 460-p003nf 460-p003ng 460-p004ns 460-p004nt 460-p005nt 460-p006nt 460-p007ns 460-p007ur 460-p010ng 460-p030ng 460-p030ur 460-p031ng 460-p032ur 460-p035nn 460-p050ur 460-p051ur 460-p052ur 460-p055nn 460-p059na 460-p089ng
HP ENVY 750-267C
HP Pavilion 510 Series:
510-P030XT 510-P040QE 510-p102ur 510-p134ur 510-p154ur 510-p006cn 510-p009l 510-p010d 510-p012cn 510-p016cn 510-p032cn 510-p032l 510-p036cn 510-p038l 510-p040cn 510-p045l 510-p050a 510-p050d 510-p050in 510-p051a 510-p051in 510-p052cn 510-p057cn 510-p058cn 510-p078cn 510-p102nl 510-p103nf 510-p104nf 510-p105nf 510-p106nf 510-p115nf 510-p125nf 510-p130d 510-p150d 510-p159a 510-p173d
HP Pavilion 550 Series: 550-130Z 550-140T 550-150QE 550-160SE 550-130Z 550-160SE 550-035Z 550-045T PC 550-227C PC 550-260 PC 550-270ST 550-000nv 550-001nd 550-003nf 550-004nf 550-008nf 550-009nl 550-011in 550-012a 550-012in 550-015l 550-016a 550-016l 550-016nb 550-018l 550-020a 550-020l 550-025a 550-025hk 550-026a 550-027a 550-028a 550-038cn 550-039cn 550-044nf 550-052cn 550-055hk 550-075na 550-076na 550-078na 550-079na 550-100na 550-100ne 550-100nl 550-100no 550-100nv 550-100ur 550-101na 550-101ne 550-101ng 550-101nl 550-102na 550-102ne 550-102nf 550-102nfm 550-102ng 550-102nl 550-103a 550-103na 550-103nf 550-103nh 550-104nf 550-104nv 550-105na 550-105nf 550-106a 550-106na 550-106nam 550-106nf 550-107a 550-107na 550-107nf 550-108a 550-108na 550-108nf 550-108np 550-109nb 550-109ng 550-109nl 550-109np 550-110ng 550-111ng 550-111nl 550-111ns 550-111nsm 550-112nf 550-112ng 550-114nf 550-114ng 550-115nf 550-115ng 550-116na 550-116nam 550-119a 550-119ng 550-120nj 550-120ur 550-121nj 550-121ur 550-122nf 550-122nj 550-122ns 550-123a 550-123ng 550-123nj 550-124ng 550-125l 550-125nf 550-125ns 550-126nf 550-127ns 550-128nf 550-128ns 550-129nf 550-131ns 550-132cn 550-132nf 550-133nf 550-133ns 550-133nsm 550-134nf 550-135nc 550-135nf 550-135ns 550-136cn 550-136nb 550-136nf 550-136no 550-139cn 550-139nb 550-140no 550-140nom 550-140ns 550-140nz 550-141no 550-141nom 550-141ns 550-142nf 550-142ns 550-143nf 550-144nf 550-144ns 550-145ns 550-147nf 550-148nf 550-149nf 550-150na 550-150no 550-151l 550-151na 550-151ng 550-152cn 550-152l 550-152na 550-152nf 550-152ns 550-153na 550-153no 550-153ns 550-154ns 550-155hk 550-155l 550-155na 550-157cn 550-157nf 550-158nf 550-159nf 550-159ng 550-162ng 550-170nz 550-175hk 550-176ng 550-177ns 550-177nsm 550-178na 550-178ns 550-179na 550-179ng 550-180ns 550-181ng 550-181ns 550-182ns 550-185na 550-186na 550-186ng 550-187na 550-188na 550-197nf 550-200na 550-201na 550-201no 550-201nt 550-202na 550-202nl 550-203na 550-210na 550-211na 550-212na 550-213na 550-213w 550-215nl 550-219ng 550-224ur 550-231ng 550-231np 550-233nf 550-233ng 550-234nf 550-235nf 550-238ng 550-240no 550-240nom 550-240nz 550-242no 550-242nom 550-244ns 550-245ng 550-250nz 550-250ur 550-255na 550-256na 550-267nz 550-275na 550-276na 550-277na 550-279na 550-300nf 550-300no 550-304no 550-307nb 550-308nf 550-310no 550-311no 550-321nf 550-323nf 550-323no 550-324nf 550-325nf 550-332ng 550-350nl 550-380ur
HP Pavilion 570 Series: 570-p052in 570-p073l
HP Slimline 450 Series: 450-032cn 450-052cn

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