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Acer SDR-083 Dvd-Rom Drive 6M.A13V7.002
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SDR-083 6MA13V7002
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Acer Aspire 1450 Series DVD-ROM IDE/ATAPI Slim Internal Laptop Optical Drive SDR-083 6M.A13V7.002 6MA13V7002. Combo DVD-ROM Drive is a slim internal type, for steel top case or 200 for aluminum top case. Designed by internal drawer type manual load which only 12.7 mm high. It is IDE/ATAPI interface CD-ROM drive. The maximum data transfer rate of 10.56 MB/sec (8X) for using DVD-ROM discs and 24X for using CD-ROM discs at the outer most tracks. The SDR-083 supports multi-operating systems.


Quanta Model NumberSDR-083
Acer Part Number6M.A13V7.002 6MA13V7002
InterfaceATAPI / E-IDE
Read SpeedCD-ROM: 24x DVD-ROM: 8x
Access TimeCD-ROM: 120 ms (typical) DVD-ROM: 120 ms (typical)
Sustained Transfer RateCD-ROM: 3.6MB/sec Max DVD-ROM: 11.08MB/sec Max
Dimensions128 x 12.7 x 129mm

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