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Acer E571 T671 Motherboard MB.S6109.002
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Item Code:
MS-7326 MBS6109002
Item Description

Acer Aspire E571 T671 Intel Socket LGA775 Desktop Motherboard MS-7326 MB.S6109.002.

Acer Part Number: MB.S6109.002 MBS6109002
Model Number: MS-7326
Compatible Models: Acer Aspire E571 T671
Desktop systems


ATI Radeon Xpress 1250
Supports CPU:
775 Intel Core 2 Duo, up to 3.8GHz, 533/800/1066MHz system bus
Intel Pentium D, up to 3.6GHz, 533/800MHz system bus
Intel Pentium 4, up to 3.8GHz, 533/800MHz system bus
Intel Celeron D, up to 3.2GHz, 400/533MHz system bus
Up to 4 GB of DDR2 533/667/800 MHz SDRAM
2 x PS/2
1 x parallel port
1 x VGA port
1 x Firewire
1 x LAN
4 x USB
6 x sound jacks


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