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Acer 15.2V 48Wh Battery KT.0040G.011
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KT.0040G.011 KT0040G011
Compatible Models:
Acer Aspire 5 (A515-43-R19L A515-52-31XZ-CA A515-52-50G0-US A515-52-5109-US A515-52-53GR-CA A515-52G-57TT-CA A517-51-56W3-CA), Aspire 7 (A717-72G-700J-US A717-72G-76V1-US A715-72G-71CT-US A715-72G-739V-US A715-72G-74V9-US A715-72G-79BH-US), Nitro 5 (AN515-42-R6YD-US AN515-53-52FA AN515-53-55G9-US), Predator PH317 (PH317-52-74KR-US PH317-52-77A4-US), Swift 3 (SF314-54-39BH-US SF314-54-53BQ SF314-54-53BQ-US SF314-55-532Z-CA SF314-55-55UT-US SF314-55G-50PM-US SF314-55G-51SC-US SF315-41G-R6MP-US), TravelMate TMP2510 (TMP2510-G2-M-317P-US TMP2510-G2-M-320E-US TMP2510-G2-M-54EA-US TMP2510-G2-M-56AT-US TMP2510-G2-M-891A-US TMP449-M-54MQ-US)
Item Condition Description:
Please note, this item was removed from a working laptop PC and may have minor signs of removal process, but is fully operational and functions as intended!
Item Description

Acer Aspire 5 7 Nitro 5 Predator PH317 Swift 3 TravelMate TMP2510 Series 15.2V 48Wh 3220mAh 4-Cell Rechargeable Li-Ion Laptop Battery KT.0040G.011 KT0040G011.

Battery Voltage: 15.2V
Battery Watt-Hour (Wh): 48Wh
Battery Capacity (mAh/Ah): 3220mAh
Battery Number of Cells: 4
Battery Type: 4ICP5/57/80, 4ICP5/57/81, Li-Ion
Color: Black
Type: Laptop Battery

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