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11" Blue Ccfl Sound Activated Light Kit
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Cold Cathode Fluorescent
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11" Blue Sound Activated Cold Cathode Florescent Lights Kit. The 11" Blue CCFL give off a neon look without adding any heat, which is important for keeping your system cool. This CCFL kit includes a single 10" long super bright cold cathode tube, two inverters with microphone and one PCI I/O header mounted On/Off/Sound switch with sensitivity adjustable knob. This is ultimate PC lighting solution for PC modding.


• 11-inch blue cold cathode case light
• Slim cold cathode tube can be installed anywhere in case
• I/O header with power switch and sound sensitivity adjustment
• Very low heat output
• Connects via 4-pin power connector (Male/Female pass-through)
• Easy installation.

Input Voltage: DC 12 Volt
Input Connector: Molex 4pin connector with pass-through
Inverter: Sound control activation, sensitivity adjustable, with on/off switch to override sound control feature
Cold Cathode light: Appr. 11" (9.5" long in acrylic tube) length
Dimensions: 11" x 1"


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