Intel Xeon E5-2640 V4 LGA2011 Server Pc
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Designed, Assembled & Supported in the USA!
Designed, Assembled & Supported
in the USA!
At Ascendtech, we believe in and support the American worker. That’s why all Ascendtech custom computer systems, combos and barebone kits are designed, assembled and supported in the United States. Buy American – Get Ascendtech custom computers at the most competitive prices.
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Product Description

Complete Intel Xeon E5 V4 2600-Series Broadwell Server.

At the heart of your versatile data center, the powerful new Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v4 product family offers great performance, enhanced orchestration and security across diverse workloads. They are manufactured with 14nm process technology and feature up to 22 cores/44 threads. From virtualization and cloud computing to design automation or real-time financial transactions, you'll be delighted by better than ever performance and energy efficiency. They also support PCIe 3.0, have AES New Instructions and AVX 2.0 Instruction Set Extensions - power the future of your high-performance computing.

Intel Resource Director Technology 
Use orchestration and automation features within Intel RDT to help you better manage shared platform resources dynamically across compute, network, and storage.

Intel Transactional Synchronization Extensions 
Boost performance for online transaction processing (OLTP) and other multi-threaded workloads that are currently slowed by memory locking with Intel TSX.

Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 2 
Implement Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel AVX2) to optimize overall performance for heterogeneous workloads running concurrently, even for applications that don’t use Intel AVX.

Enterprise Cloud 
Accelerate your path to a highly efficient, on-premises cloud deployment with innovation based on Intel architecture.

Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) 
Use proven, reliable, and innovative Intel technology as the foundation for software-defined infrastructure across your data center.

A Holistic HPC Solution 
Fuel your insight with future-ready performance from the Intel Scalable System Framework (SSF).

High Performance Computing 
Get the performance you need for creating balanced, high-performance computing systems at any scale.

Customize it!
We offer an extensive selection of computer components through the convenient system configurators allowing to build broad spectrum of custom server systems up to the highly redundant and high-performance solutions. Starting configurations of our server systems include server platform, CPU, memory, hard drive and in some cases optical and floppy drives. By using the configurator located in this page you can upgrade components to fit this purchase into your budget and requirements. Besides the configurator, you can also add other components to your cart and we will install them as well. Our custom server systems come assembled and tested.

Customize Components
Xeon Lga2011-3 Processors
Cpu Processor Fan

With the increase in magnitude of the usage of computers to more than 8 hours a day, there are additional demands placed on the processor. The processor then starts generating a lot of heat which is caused by the internal electrical energy of the components, and gets warmer the harder the components have to work. Improper maintenance of heat and overheating of the processor can reduce the lifespan or cause irreparable damage to the processor, it may also damage other components like circuits, RAM, or hard drives, and makes the computer inoperable. In order to avoid damaging the components and prevent loss of data, it becomes essential to have good cooling equipment. For your convenience, our technical team has put together the most recommended cooling solution options around so you don't have to sort through hundreds of choices available.

Pci-Express Video Cards

Dual monitor support can be achieved through using a separate PCI-Express video card with at least 2 of the following video outputs, DVI, VGA, HDMI & DP (Display Port). For Triple or Quad monitor support, 2 video cards must be used with dual outputs along with the motherboard containing 2 PCI-Express x16 slots. 

Power Supply Upgrades

The computer power supply is a vital part of your computer and provides the power to the components in your system, and also cools your computer with a fan. Minimum wattages range from 300W to 500W, standard wattages range from 550W to 650W, high-end gaming power supply wattages range from 700W to 850W. It would be wise to get a higher wattage PSU so that you can rest easy knowing your PC is being powered properly, and without having to worry about upgrading the PSU anytime soon.

Case Cooling Fan

As processors, graphics cards, RAM, hard drives and other components in computers have increased in speed and power consumption, the amount of heat produced by these components as a side-effect of normal operation has also increased. These components need to be kept as cool as possible to prevent overheating, instability, malfunction and damage leading to a shortened lifespan. While in earlier personal computers it was possible to cool most components using natural convection (passive cooling), many modern components require more effective active cooling. To cool these components, case fans are used to move heated air away from the components and draw cooler air over them. Fans attached to components are usually used in combination with a case fans to increase the efficiency of cooling.

Operating System

In order for your PC to recognize more than 4GB of RAM you must install 64-Bit Operating System. If more than 16GB of RAM is desired, you must have Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 8 or Windows-10 - All in 64-Bit!


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